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AD inter-site replication time

2 question:
1. what should be a good sync time betwee sites (i have a site in Ny, washington, va, etc)
2. There is a ntds object in my AD that is trying to sync between a DC in washington and a server that does not longer exist, can i delete that ntds knowing that there is no other entry of that server in the AD, no in the users and computer and not in the DNS server


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by CG IT In reply to AD inter-site replication ...

good sync time meaning what time of day? depends upon what your syncing up. good time is when there is the least amount of traffic on the net.

if you have an active site link in AD between to sites with 2 DNS servers and one is no longer there, you need to break the site link and remove the server from Active Directory. Once removed then DNS AD intergrated will propogate that change to all servers. If you remove a DNS server its best to dcpromo demote the server to a member server, break the site link in AD, remover DNS from the server you demoted so its just a naked server.

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by REZUMA In reply to

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by BFilmFan In reply to AD inter-site replication ...

The replication period for Active Directory is dependent upon the amount of traffic being replicated and the speed of the network link.

When the domain controller was removed from the enviornment, did you use DCPROMO and force it from the enviornment? If not, you need to run a metadata cleanup. Details for that operation can be found here:;EN-US;Q216498&

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by REZUMA In reply to AD inter-site replication ...

OK, i am going to use the metada clean up because it looks like nobody demoted that DC. Now, is it safe to do the metada cleanup? is it possible to "break" the AD when doing it? if do i backup the system to do a roll back in case if needed?

I really appreciate your help.


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by REZUMA In reply to AD inter-site replication ...

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