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By qballrail ·
My facility's network is a Novell/Windows environment. Authentication is Novell and fileshare is as well. While we're running 5.1, we have a W2k SQL server we're beginning to use DNS services on and would like to eliminiate the Novell authentication, with the exception of the fileshare. For SOX compliance our corporate has developed a batch file for synchronizing which is breaking down but will not be supported.

So, my question is, is it safe to use a server running SQL as DNS & authentication? DNS was running on this machine for quite some time before my arrival on-scene but not utilized.

Your help appreciated.

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by lowlands In reply to AD Migration

Let me see if I understand this. You are looking to migrate from Novell to AD. But you want to keep your fileshare on the Novell server.
And you want to know if it is safe to have your one server be a SQL server, a DNS server and an AD Domain Controller.

Second question first. I am not sure what you mean by is it safe. It all depends, do you need to give people server access to be able to administer SQL? If so are those the same people that will administer AD (users, computers etc). If not, it might not be a good idea to run all on one system. Also, your one server goes down, you lose everything at once.

Now the first question, how are your users going to authenticate to the Novell File Server without NDS? While you are at it, why not migrate your file shares to a MS server as well.

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2nd Attempt

by qballrail In reply to

TR sent me back to the logon prompt when I clicked submit, and my earlier comments seem to be missing.

I'm merely concerned about the stability of the machine after migrating all 100 workstations + users to the Domain. Cost considerations are preventing us from migrating fully to W2K3. The SQL app takes up a lot of resources so moving the fileshare to the W2K server is not an option.

NDS will remain, but our primary goal is to eliminate a batch program that forces users to change passwords at 90-day intervals per SOX. This program has been largely abandoned by the author who works at our corp office. There are multiple users on many machines, brining us out of compliance because the batch program only recognizes one user.

There have been successful tests on a few workstations but still encountering some bugs.

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valid concerns

by lowlands In reply to 2nd Attempt

Your concerns are valid, it does sounds like the load on the one Windows system might get too high when you were to add all your users/workstations. Especially if the server is pretty busy as it is.

And wouldn't the issues remain? Your users still need a Novell account to authenticate to your Novell file server, so they would still have to change that password at 90 day intervals.

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by qballrail In reply to valid concerns

Yes, they would. But this eliminates the need for the batch program. However, my question regarding using a W2K SQL server as a DNS/Domain server still remains unanswered. I am curious if there is any truth to this assertion that it could bring it down?

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