ad pages keep popping up

By deskject ·
Hi I',m running XP on home computer and just lately when ever I go on the internet using firefox I keep getting ad papes popping up. I have run superanti spyware,malwarebytes anti- malware,ATF cleaner,little registry cleaner to name a few but they keep popping up. I have adblock plus installed as well. Is ther any solution to this

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Really depends on WHAT is popping up - and where ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ad pages keep popping up

If you're meaning a little pop-up from the bottom of the screen like a Toaster notification, then the chances are you've got an infection from HostageWare. The sort of notice that keeps reminding you that you 'really need' to install XYZ to remove whatever it tells you you've got.

If it's NOT that kind of pop-up, perhaps you could tell us what kind it is?

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ad keep popping up

by deskject In reply to ad pages keep popping up

the popup are full web page sites. some time its dating web pages or similar pages such as or / and to name a few. The show up in the taskbar as other sites might. If I click on them they open the same as a regular page

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These are attached to whatever you really click on ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ad keep popping up

When you click on a link FROM a site to another site, frequently this had the effect of opening more than one window in your browser.

You'll probably find that whatever the subject matter of these unexpected pop-up sites is - it's got some degree of bearing on the subject matter that you were expecting in the site you were anticipating opening.

This mainly occurs with, shall we say, the Less Salubrious material on the net.

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