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AD Printers - help!

By Justin Maxwell ·
We are trying to configure 2 ICT Suites so that when students log into room1, they can use 'R1-EPSON' as their printer, then when they log into room2, they can use 'R2-Epson'. Have been using CON2PRT.EXE from the ZAK. Only got it to work if you either reboot machine or log in twice. Being a school thats a waste of lesson time!. Is that a better method?. Both printers are from the same printer server. Should they log in elsewhere, then preset local printer should be used

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by ewgny In reply to AD Printers - help!

As I have answer two very previous questions in this forum, Printers are best delegated by a logon script based on group membership.
See this script.
Printers can be added to a user and set to default by using either a users group membership or a computer groups membership.
In your case place the AD computer objects of all the computers in room1 into a global group called "room1" and place the AD computer objects of all the computers in room2 into a global group called "room2"

Then in the logon script

If IsMember(objComputer, "room1") Then
objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\printserver\R1-Epson"
objNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\printserver\R1-Epson"
End If

Do the same for room 2. When a user logs on to a computer in room 1 the R1-Epson will be made the default, and in room 2 R2-Epson will be made default

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