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Just a quick question (I Think)
I manage a network of about 45 users. Setup is as follows.
Windows Server 2003 as DC with Backup DC on another server
PC's running Windows XP SP2 & Vista
Prob I keep having is that when some of the XP users try to access their Home Drive allocated by their AD profile its dropped out.. One minute its there the next its gone and the user has to Log out and back on or I have to Map the drive manually in Explorer.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found the source.

It seems to be happening to one user in particular..

I have investigated a few things such as Network connectivity, Software (Running the same as everyone else) I even recently upgraded the user from a low spec PC to no avail.

What makes it worse is it's the Chairman's PA PC that its happening on.

Any Ideas?

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by clarkd038 In reply to AD - Profile - Home Folde ...

I have seen this before, and could not figure out the problem, just a workaround. We just shared a folder on a server, and in that folder we had everones home drive, ex. Joe Shmoe is a subfolder under the shared folder.

This made it really easy to shoot out a log on script

net use x: \\server\share, also making sure everone has control over that folder yada yada.

I'm not sure why AD caused a problem with the home drives, but I will no longer use it as I have heard from other people their problems with it as well. atleast with 2003 server, who knows in 2008.

Good luck

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It happens to me too

by damien.lefevre In reply to yes

It happens inside my domain as well and especially on the chairman's machine...

One of the suspected issues was the number of CALs that we extended.

The other time this sort of thing happen is when the password expires (lose of network shares, printers...). The old password is cached in Windows and the only way to change the cached password is to log out, log in again, start outlook and check 'save' when the new password is entered.

Good luck!

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