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AD Setup connundrums

By Stubby ·
Hi all .....

We have a situation that I can't quite get my head around and am looking for some advice as to the best way forward.

Currently we have an NT4 based domain that is due to go to AD soon. The upgrade to that is not an issue. We also have some (currently) stand alon sites that are already on AD as NT4 won't support some of the hardware. To ease admin later on we want the stand alone AD sites to become a part of the upgraded NT4 domain structure and it is this that is causing me some head banging trouble.

OK - NT4 domain after upgrade would look like ....

So, onto my query/ies - how should I setup AD on the stand alone boxes to allow me to intergrate it into the above structure and once the NT4 is AD how does one "pick up" the stand alone domains so that they can be centrally managed?

Happy for them to just have trusts, but would prefer to integrate them in for ease of - well everything.


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by CG IT In reply to AD Setup connundrums

intergrate them using subdomains of the root of your DNS namespace <yourdomain>.com example <office1>.<yourdomain>.com<office2>.<yourdomain>.com and so on. The remote office DNS servers can be masters for their zones and replicate AD between the other DNS servers OR you can have one DNS server be authority for all zones. Depends upon the size # distance traffic of computers DNS will service.

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by CG IT In reply to

AD has a utility Sites & Services where after setting up your namespace as I first mentioned, you setup the sites for AD replicatons with DCs.

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by Stubby In reply to

I'm not concerned about the namespace or DNS but I am concerned with the manageability of the whole domain afterwards. Does the management side just streamline in, or is there some magic chant one has to undertake to allow this?

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