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    AD site replication working – too well! :)


    by erik.dutton ·

    I administer a fairly small Windows 2000 domain, set up in one city. I recently put a DC in our other location, where I live, for disaster recovery purposes. I have the new DC set up in its own site, and I have site replication working between the two locations.

    This DC is not used for authentication (pretty much everyone here remotes in to systems in the other city to do their work), so it occurred to me that it might be good to have this server only replicate in the middle of the night, so that if I accidentally deleted an OU I could recover it quickly without having to go to backup tapes. This is where the problem starts.

    I have set the replication duration on the intersite transport (IP only, no SMTP) to 1440 minutes, and also adjusted the replication schedule so that it is only available for replication between the hours of 01:00-03:00. I also double checked the properties of the IP container to be sure that “ignore schedules” is not checked.

    I thought this would do the trick, but replication is still occurring every 15 minutes between the sites. Am I missing something?

    Any insights greatly appreciated!


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