Adaptec 2.5" removable hard drive - driver problem

By BlumenbergAssociates ·
I am having trouble installing Adaptec USB 2.0 2.5" removable hard drive. Driver install fails even though requested files are confirmed on hd, 'Install new hardware' will not/install confirm drivers. No OS troubles elsewhere.

This is also not a case of restoring a missing drive letter via Administrative Tools as no drive letter is assigned to hd - Computer Management/Storage/Disk management. It is visible in Device Manager but listed as 'not working properly.

Computer is IBM laptop T22 with 7 port USB hub attached. OS is W2K, SP4. Hub has its own power supply, as does Adaptec hd. Both ends of double ended cable attached to hub. Several other devices attached to this hub work fine. Attaching hd direct to laptop does not help.

Suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks! BB

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Re: Driver problem

Try and load the drivers (DO NOT attach external usb drive) first then do a reboot then attach your usb hdd. If this does not work then do this:
1. Keep the hdd attached and look in the "device driver" section to see if you can find the external hdd, it might have a yellow or red tag attached to it, if it has then right click on it and then choose "update drivers", you might be asked for your driver disk(s) so have this handy. If this does not work then:
2. Go into "add and remove" and delete the software related to your ext:hdd and then reboot your computer then re-install your software relating to your ext:hdd (at this time do not have your ext:hdd attached), only attach your ext:hdd After re-install of drivers. I hope this helps with your problem.
Please post back if you have more problems.

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Adaptec 2.5" removable hd - drivers ongoing

by BlumenbergAssociates In reply to Re: Driver problem

With thanks for your immediate and detailed suggestions.
1. Have tried no.1 to no avail, drivers did not reinstall but then they were already present in appropriate Windows (folders) directories.
2. Am soon out of office for a day or so, will implement 2nd suggestion with variations, then report back.

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Adaptec 2.5" removable hd - utility confirms drivers

Back at it ..

External hd was tested and confirmed by a tech guy in whom I have 100% confidence, and this fellow also installed the hd into the case.

Adaptec software/utility will not run .. setup.exe returns a 'copy file error', then 'drivers installed' message appears.

Two drivers can be confirmed by inspection as located in their proper directories, likewise the .inf file.

Altho a corrupt dll or two might be indicated, this hd is the only USB device out of several that will not run on this IBM T22.

Perhaps at the end of this day, there is no remedy. this situation not amenable to the usual procedures.??

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