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Adaptec Storage Manager

By lordseck ·
We've been having an issue with our NAS Storage Server running a RAID 5 array. Basically not too long ago we had a bad powersurge and one of the drives popped itself out the array. The drive itself did not fail or degrade, but the drives did pop out of the array, which put two of the logical devices (the RAID 5 devices) in a degraded state. Now that drive is just sitting there, in a "Ready" state, doing a whole lot of nothing. I have been trying to diagnose and troubleshoot through the issue with HP, but they seem kinda baffled and claim that since its an Adaptec Storage Manager they don't know a whole lot about it (even though they sent us the box with this controller and controller software installed). And Adaptec wants us to pay for support, and while that isn't a big deal, the drive and array isn't in a critical state and I'd like to avoid it.

I pretty much just need to verify that if I did some sort of the forced rebuild the controller would include this 'Ready' drive back in the array (which would set it to 'Optimal' Status like

the other 3) and actually start using it for data again. The Adaptec Command Line utility is called 'aaccli.exe', a program I can't seem to find a user manual for in either our files or on the internet. Below I pretty much just copy and pasted an edited version of the last note I sent to the HP techs as we've been working through this problem.


We figured out that the drive basically just took itself out of the array for no real apparent reason that we can figure (other then the powersurge), and the logical drives (not the physical drives) are degraded because of it. I tried a couple steps last night that one of the HP techs suggested - some weren't even real options and the ones I could try didn't seem to do anything.

Basically I attempted to 'Verify and Fix' the disk the Adaptec Storage Manager. This removed the greyed out Physical disk re-appeared.

I then attempted to set the drive to fail, in an attempt to

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by lordseck In reply to Adaptec Storage Manager

I then attempted to set the drive to fail, in an attempt to rebuild the drive/array through the Adaptec Storage Manager. In the user manual is says to do this if the physical disk is in a degraded state (!) but the disk has been checked out and is physically ok (which our disk is). However, the physical disk itself is not degraded, the logical devices are, so I could not set it to fail in an attempt to rebuild it.

I then attempted a hot-swap of the drive. I removed the drive from the server itself and scanned the controller, verifying that the disk was no longer inserted. I removed the disk halfway (as noted in the manual) until the disk stopped spinning completely, then removed the disk from the device for about 2 minutes (also noted in the manual). After two minutes I reinserted the drive into the machine. The drive AGAIN reappeared in the Controller as a disk in the Ready state, but not part of the array itself. It did not begin rebuilding the drive.

I'm not entirely sure if a rebuild will actually grab the removed disk and put it back in the array or not and THEN rebuild, or if it will just rebuild the three disks currently running.


Any suggestions or a link to some sort of manual for the aaccli.exe program would be greatly appreciated.

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by lordseck In reply to Adaptec Storage Manager

I made a slight error. All four disks have all 3 logical devices on them. The main data logical drive is RAID5, the Primary and Secondary OS logical drives are RAID1. Depending on which physical drive you select in the Adaptec Storage Manager show different logical devices in a degraded state. For example on physical disks 0 and 3 Logical drives 1 and 2 are degrade, and on physical disk 1 logical drives 2 and 3 are degraded. On physical drive 2, the greyed-out drive, logical drives 2 and 3 are also degraded

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Adaptec Storage Manager

Well firstly with any NAS you should have a UPS to disconnect it from the mains.

As I understand your current problem the Drive tests as OK but will not be accepted back into the previous Raid Array.

As this is a HP device I wouldn't be holding my breath as I've had lots of Experience with them in the past so much so that I no longer ever touch one of their products. They are far too expensive in lost time and are very poorly supported if at all. On every occasion when I've had a RA issue with Hp they have just replaced the device with a new one and binned the old unit.

Now to your immediate problem as I'm not familiar with this particular product I would start at the beginning and power down and disconnect any power leads for about 30 seconds and then power up again and see what if anything happens.

Is there any self Diagnostic tools supplied with this unit. It's always possible that the power surge that you suspect has done more damage that you think and had actually degraded the IC's in the controller and stopped part of the system from working. If when you replace a working formatted drive the system doesn't rebuild then I really would be looking at the Controller first.

If I remember correctly this particular drive is RAID 1 isn't it? If so remove the working drive connected and save the data just in case there is something more serious underlying this current problem. Then make sure that both of this pair are removed and insert the blank formatted drive into the system followed by the working drive and see if that helps.

Yes I know it's not the way to do things but as you seem to have exhausted the first choice options you'll need to try something different. But importantly here get onto HP and get their Testing Utility and test out the enclosure before going any further if you don't already have this utility.


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by lordseck In reply to

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by lordseck In reply to Adaptec Storage Manager

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