Adaptor light goes off

By Vivian Gray ·
The 19 Volt adaptor to power an old ACER Laptop is fine, the power light is on green, until I connect it to the laptop. At this stage the light goes off. No charging or power lights are illuminated on the laptop. A the machine will not power up. Does this indicate a dead battery? Or is it potentially more serious? Any guidance would be greatfully received.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to Adaptor light goes off

Regardless of weather or not the battery is working the machine should power on with the adaptor pluged in is this the case or does the laptop not turn on when the power from the adaptor is pluged in?

Try to remove the battery and try pluging in the power again and try to boot the laptop post back results.

Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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I would advise that you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Adaptor light goes off

DO NOT make a habit of connecting the power jack to the laptop AFTER the power adaptor has power running through it (when the green LED is already lit). Mains power should be applied AFTER the power jack is connected.

I only say this because, due to the configuration of the ACER power jack, if the jack is inserted after the adaptor had already been connected to the mains outlet, you can generate a power-spike at the point of inserting the power jack into the chassis socket.

All ACER power adaptors I have seen have a mains lead that terminates in a mini-triangle socket-plug for this very reason - it can be plugged in to the adaptor with live current because it is on the mains end of the adaptor.

As to your present situation, I agree with the other poster. Try to run the laptop on mains power only, with the laptop battery removed.

If it still refuses to power-on, then either the chassis socket connector has parted company with the motherboard or, more likely, the central pin that runs down the socket has snapped off.

Either way this requires a hardware repair and is not particularly cheap. If it is under warranty, the repair centre is likely to replace the entire motherboard because it is more time-efficient than desoldering the socket connector and soldering a new one in its place.

Depending on the model, some of them CANNOT be desoldered due to the risk of destroying the data lines on the motherboard itself.

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by Kenone In reply to Adaptor light goes off

Those guys ^ could be right but when that happened to me, the exact same symptoms, I replaced the power block and went along my merry way. Never even thought about the mobo things.

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