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    AdBlock in Firefox


    by marketingtutor. ·

    I am wondering how many of you that use the Firefox browser use the adblock extension to kill all ad content you come across, and what percentage of you find this good, bad, or are indifferent. Do you view this like skipping the commercials on TV or more like killing spam invaders in your email?

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      by marketingtutor. ·

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      I love it

      by onbliss ·

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      Infact I use it to kill all kinds of images – the scrolling, flashy etc. Anything that adblock can kill, I use it to kill. I use it more at work than at home.

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        Good Idea

        by marketingtutor. ·

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        I just used it for ads and annoying flash apps. But you just gave me the idea. I just used it to kill George Ou’s picture on the right border.

        Good idea indeed! I wonder if I could put in a RegEx for Paris Hilton?

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          by onbliss ·

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          George is the only guy who seems to be defending Microsoft.

          ps: You must have noticed my avatar. Wink Wink 🙂 🙂

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          Not a prob with George :-)

          by marketingtutor. ·

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          You know, it was that stern look he’s got in it. Makes me nervous 🙂 LOL

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      AdBlock Plus & Fliterset.G Updater

      by ni70 ·

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      Just love AdBlock Plus & Fliterset.G Updater! I hate annoying animated image ads! Also love the option of blocking annoying Flash ads or images too. Don’t know how people live without AdBlock! I’ve used IE/Opera just to test some sites to see if AdBlock were the reason why I couldn’t get certain aspects of sites, but more often than not, it’s not the case. I view it more like both…skipping the annoying commercials, and zapping spam. BTW, just gotta love FF2, the spell check feature for online forms is awesome!

      Edited to add: Now if I could just figure out how to zap the TR Front Door scrolling stories. It’s annoying! Should just stick with static topics instead of scrolling topics!

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        There is one I don’t block…

        by marketingtutor. ·

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        I still love that old shock the monkey banner ad. I could play that one all day…

        Shock him, stop, refresh, repeat…

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      I use it

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      no so much for security as to imprive my browsing experince.

      Noscript is something I’d recommend on teh security front.

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      It’s a blessing from heaven.

      by deadly ernest ·

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      I use the AdBlock, and a few other security setting in Firefox to ensure I get the best of my Internet access. Being on a slow rural phone service (i.e. extremely poor line – I think thye laid the copper in 1920, or there abouts) and only dial up available with an average speed between 33 kbps and 38 kbps (improved recently, used to average 28.8 kbps) I don’t need to waste time downloading ads.

      Many pages load so much faster with the AdBlock on, tried it, turn off the AdBlock, clear the cache and load a page I just watched, and watch it take a lot longer to come up, as most pages load the bleeding ads before the page content. Very good where the sites are displaying useless USA ads – no good to an Aussie like me, no savings when the freight is as much as the product special price.

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        Stupid Question on my part

        by marketingtutor. ·

        In reply to It’s a blessing from heaven.

        Does Hughes have satellite internet available in your hemisphere? I’m rural too but have a 2Mbps Down/500Kbps Up internet through Hughesnet (formerly Direcway). Orion Satellite Services there in Wallabe-land offers the same thing using Hughes satellites. Of course I don’t know what it costs on your end. Here its only about $179.00 USD. Its much better than dial-up which is the only thing available out in the mountains, but can’t compete with the 25Mbps fiber connection the cable company offers at our place in the city for $39 per month. Rural is a nicer life, but the internet speed is certainly a trade off while out here. Especially with the 700ms latency vs. <10ms on the fiber.

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          Thanks for the tips, but I’ve invetsigated the sat options

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to Stupid Question on my part

          and they’re just not cost effective for an individual, they’re all business aimed and costed that way. Two major types of sat access, one where you buy the hardware and then pay for the service (hardware costs about A$6,000 and up) at about A$100 to A$200 per month. Or they supply both at about double the costs.

          The cheapest Orion service is A$86 per month for 500MB – that’s about what I do in email and TR per month. The nearest to my current level of download is A$483 per month.

          I’m currently on an unlimited / unlimited plan at A$26 per month – before I moved here three years ago I had 512MB ADSL link with 10GB donwload / unlimited upload per month for A$50 per month. My income now is A$250 per week, I could afford A$50 per month, but not A$483 – usually monthly traffic is around 5 to 8 GBs.

          Australia has roughly the same number of square miles of land as continental USA, but we have only about 20 million people spread all over it, and about 80% of those are in the Eastern coastal fringe. Many things just aren’t cost effective here.

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