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    Add a new Hard disk


    by alonnsad ·

    Dear sir

    I have a del Poweredge 2400 Server without hot swap the hard disk capacity is 40GB with NTFS partitioned. Now the hard disk capacity is full even C and D drive both are full i want to add a new hard disk from new hard disk i want to increase the volume of my c and as well as d
    Could any one help me for this
    Thank you very much in advance

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      by alonnsad ·

      In reply to Add a new Hard disk

      it has windows 2000 server as a operating system dhcp and sql 2000 runing on the server

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      You didn’t mention what kind of controller you are running your 40GB IDE hard drive on so here s an alternate idea:
      Powerquest has a great program, “Drive Copy 4.0 for $49.95:
      I have used it very successfully on Windows 2000 Pro, I would ask them if it works on Windows 2000 Server before buying.
      How it works is this:
      Connect your new big hard drive as a slave, boot up and start the program. It will make the new hard drive an exact bootable copy of the original. Shut down and make the new drive the master and the old one can become a slave or remove it entirely.
      ( My opinion, on a server, you should probably be using at least IDE Raid controller)
      Good Luck

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      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to Add a new Hard disk

      You will have to take the server down to make the upgrade.

      If I am reading it right the 40gig is partitioned in to two logical drives.

      If that is the case you will need a utility to transfer and enlarge the partitions with out reinstalling.

      Partition Magic has been acquired by Symantec. They have a software product that will perform this feat and more. Get the skinny on it here:

      Hope this helps

      Good Luck Lee

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