Add a second NIC to copy files between networks via IP only

By g0ldeneye ·

My building has two internet connections, fiber and Comcast.

I have a computer plugged into the Comcast and assigned a public IP to it. I copy files from this computer to a server behind a firewall on the fiber, in the same building. The transfer rate is very low and I was wondering if I could just add a 2nd NIC to each server, assign the NICS a new network 192.168.123.x / and don't assign a gateway to either NIC. I'd also make the metric very high so traffic doesn't default to these NICS. Then, when I want to copy data from the computer on the Comcast to the computer behind the firewall, I would just copy it via UNC using the 192.168.123.x IP addresses.

Is this a huge security hole or would this be ok?

The computer on the Comcast net would have it's firewall configured on the NIC and only allow SSH in/out.

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