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    Add a win2000 Domain Controller to Win2k3 Domain


    by cmullins ·

    I need to add another Domain Controller to our Domain and I think I have narrowed down my best bet but I figured that I’d throw it out to you all and see what you think. Here’s our setup: Windows 2003 Server – Domain Controller – Global Catalog Server, etc (this is the only current DC). Windows 2003 Server – Member Server – running Exchange 2003 Server exclusively, Windows Server 2000 -Member Server – Running two database programs. I was looking into making the Exchange Box a DC but I read that you cannot (or al the very least, should not) change membership of an Exchange 2003 Server after it’s been implemented. So I’m left with promoting the 2000 Server to a DC. A couple questions – 1. Should I promote it? 2. Should I upgrade to 2003? 3. Should I make it a GCS and/or FSMO server? Any other thoughts/comments/snide remarks are welcome.

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      by orrnir ·

      In reply to Add a win2000 Domain Controller to Win2k3 Domain

      Hi there,

      First and foremost, if your domain anfdforest levels are 2003 native, you cannot promote a W2K server in any case, as the schema does not support this sort of action. If your domain and forest levels are still on Windows 2000 – you can promote a W2K server to a DC. Still, there is no logical reason to do so in the first place, as W2K3 AD is a lot more functional than W2K. I would suggest you install a new W2K3 server and promote it to DC/GC and also designate it to the FSMO role of Infrastructure Master for DS stability.

      Now, in regards to exchange, it isnot recommended to promote an exchange server to a DC, as the two roles do not go hand in hand nicely unless you have an SBS network, in which case you do not require a second DC in the first place.

      Let me know if this helped.
      Good luck.

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