Add DCs to Remote Sites?

By jrogers ·
This is the situation.

I have 2 remote branches and the main branch. Currently I have only 1 DC at the main branch for all users? at all three locations to login. Because of slow logon times at the remote branches I want to put a DC and also use it as backup for our main server. BTW: our branches are connect via T1 P2P.

To do this do I need to create sites in AD on my main server?
What steps would be the best route in order to accomplish this.

I really appreciate all your help.


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More to the question than what is apparent.

by dryflies In reply to Add DCs to Remote Sites?

There are some tradeoffs on how to accomplish what you desire. first, a T1 is not the greatest bandwidth, so you are going to have bandwidth problems regardless of how you set your topology. you could have a forest and set subdomains at each site with trusts which should minimize the use of bandwidth for authentication because the AD for each site is self contained. or, you could have a single site with Organizational units that would allow you to customize what resources are used at each site. but that would incur bandwidth costs due to replication, and would reduce portability. an employee from site 1 would have difficulty at site 2 etc. depending on the distances involved, if the sites are line of site and less than 10 miles apart, I would go to a wireless bridge which could acheive 54MB/s thenyou could have a single domain and use security group memberships to allocate resources based on location but would have the flexibility to attach to site resources if you traveld to another site. For long distances, I would have each site with their own service provider and then use a site to site VPN to bring all sites into the same network. again, the DC choices above would be the same for this architecture so the available bandwidth of each site would need to be considered before making a choice on the topology.

Hope this helps

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as far as adding DCs at sites

by CG IT In reply to More to the question than ...

yes you create sites in AD sites and Services, and you associate those sites with their respective subnets.

Also, you have to allow the sites DCs to access the WAN link for replication.

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