Add disk space to a two servers with a Raid 5 enclosure.

By betohres ·
A few days ago, I get a MR5CT2, drive and in the stand alone configuration, even the volumes creation is all good and so fine but I have a few questions:

If I want to put my MR5CT2 connected in a switch for my all lan clients like a NAS store server HOw I need to format (windows format) and access my MR5CT2 drive from my clients?

An other question is:

If I put my MR5CT2 drive in a USB 2.0 port in my Windows 2003 server (in this part I was, and the system not detect the MR5CT2 why?), The MR5CT2 most responds with a configuration page but I try a rs-232 port and the configuration page its OK, I try like a NAS drive and the configuration page its OK, I try in a USB 2.0 port and the system can not to detect the MR5CT2 any form., What happend with this port?, Why my compmgmt.msc procedure can not to see my drive when this is connected in a USB 2.0 port of my server? How can I JOIN two partitions (the preexistent partition and one volume of my RAID drive MR5CT2?)

The last question is?

I have two windows 2003 servers, one for the exchangue services, and other with a ERP application. There are two separate servers.

I need to add more disk space in both. I configure the MR5CT2 raid drive in Raid5+spare with a five 750.0 GB sATA SEAGATE BARRACUDA disks, and the configuration are:
TWO 1125 GB VOLUMES and my question is:

How I need to connect the MR5CT2 to my servers for add more disk space to my servers, ONE OF 1125 GB VOLUME to my Exchangue server and the other 1125 GB VOLUME to my Windows 2003 server with a ERP aplication, and access it to make a partitions and JOIN this volumes to add disk space??

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