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    add disk space to volume


    by david.duong ·

    Due to Novell 5 server running out of disk space, I have to remove the online spare hd out of the current raid 5 configuration and added it back in to raid for more disk space (using compaq array card).
    How do I tell Novell to add the extra disk space to the current volume set?
    What do I have to do first?
    please be specific as I am not familiar with Novell
    standard disk option


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      add disk space to volume

      by duster52 ·

      In reply to add disk space to volume

      Ok, you are dealing with two issues here…first increasing the size of the netware volume and second, adding a drive to a raid array. It is easy to add another drive to a volume. Install the hardware, go into nwconfig, scan for additional devices, then netware volume options, and press insert to add/view/modify volumes.

      Now the bigger problem, is the raid array. You did not specify what type of array controller you have, but you will probably have to reconfigure the raid array to takeadvantage of the additional drive space.

      Personally, I would make a complete backup of the system (preferably two or three) wipe the drives clean, reinstall netware, and then restore from your backup. Novell has a tid that describes in detail what you need to do to make this happen: #2924224, Hardware upgrade with 4.11. The title says 4.11 but it works just as well with NW5. I’ve used this tid a number of times and it has worked every time.

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      add disk space to volume

      by dacarr ·

      In reply to add disk space to volume

      I concur with Gregg. My only woory is with restoring your NDS structure. I’ve not come across a backup system that does a good job on restoring the NDS. There are products out there which do the job (I’ve seen them at demos) and for a job like this I think I would lash out the money

      Good Luck
      LBWF – UK

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      add disk space to volume

      by isys ·

      In reply to add disk space to volume

      Boot your server from the Compaq Insight Manager CD and remove the hot swap from the RAID array. Then reboot the server, load the Install program and add the new disk space to your existing volume. However, if you have limited NetWare experience, you should call for professional help. Compaq server setup
      is generally not for the uninitiated. If you proceed, then like the others advised, make sure you have good backups.

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