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We have a small (Windows clients with AIX and Windows servers) PC network that has now grown to about 25 clients. I expect some growth, but < 15 more systems in the next year. We have a single 1.5Mbps SDSL line for internet access (which used to be primarily email & ftp) and people have been compaining of "slow speed" lately. There is no problem (or complaint) accessing data or applications on our own servers. There are now more business reasons to allow certain types of streaming video files, etc. and many sites don't work correctly periodically.

It seems a safe guess that more "bandwidth" to the internet is needed, and my firewall/router has 2 "WAN" connections (and we are only using 1). What's the easiest way to provide more internet speed? The simplest is certainly to order another DSL circuit, but should I consider other things? Our existing service has been very reliable. Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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Check with your Service provider

by Chris910 In reply to Add internet bandwidth to ...

Check with your Service provider in many cases you will find that 3Mb and 6Mb DSL service is available now. This will be much less complicated when compared to configuring a second line.

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by neilcamp In reply to Check with your Service p ...

While DSL is very reliable remember it is very small on the outbound side. It is also a best effort service. I currently use two DSL circuits combined. It works very well and for your size and with the streaming being a primarary download side you should be able to survive for a long time with 2 dsls ganged if you are already at the 6gig dsl.

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Before throwing money at the problem....

by Fregeus In reply to Add internet bandwidth to ...

...check with your provider the usage of your current link. It may not be as saturated as you think. You might end up spending more money for your link and still have performance issues.

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