Add mailbox to outlook for disabled useraccount

By Laroo ·
I have a useraccount that is disabled in AD
But there is one person who needs to read the content of this users mailbox for a few weeks to come.

The problem is, when the mailbox is added to Outlook, the error messages states that the information store is not available.

I have tested on different users, to verify that the problem is not on the exchange-server, and found that this problem only occurs for disabled user accounts, if you want to add the mailboxes for these accounts to Outlook.

Is there a way to make the mailbox available without enabling the account? I do not wish to enable the account. I have checked that the user who needs to read the content of the mailbox has got full mailbox rights for this mailbox, and is even the owner of the mailbox.

Any suggestions?

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Old mail or new?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Add mailbox to outlook fo ...

Does the person want to check the mailbox to see if any new mail has arrived, or only to review what's already in it?

If the latter, why not move all the contents to a .PST and give the user rights to the .PST file?

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Old mail

by Laroo In reply to Old mail or new?

He wants to review old mail. And I would copy it into a new pst file, if it weren't for the fact that the company policy prohibit this

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by EdLockett In reply to Add mailbox to outlook fo ...

Just enable the account and change the password.
Unless there is a really convincing reason not to enable the account...
Hope this helps

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I did

by Laroo In reply to Simple

I did enable the account to allow for reading of the mailbox already before I posted this question. But he is not happy about the fact that the useraccount is enabled, even though I have reset the password. That's why I was wondering if there was any way to do this while the account remains disabled

But thank you for your suggestion :-)

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