Add MP C5000 to network and have it print to a shared folder?

By WhoWasThat25 ·
i have a Africio MP C5000 printer coming tommorow and i have installed the drivers on the printer server (2003). but i was told that i can have it scan to a folder. do i have to create a AD account for the printer? and add the account to the folders security?

thanks for any help

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by StealthWiFi In reply to Add MP C5000 to network a ...

Not to be a prick but check your printers manual (download the PDF if you don't have the manual in hand yet) and check the instructions

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A good place to start

by sidekick In reply to Hmm

"Not to be a prick but check your printers manual (download the PDF if you don't have the manual in hand yet) and check the instructions"

That will be the easiest way for you to do this. I'm not familiar with that particular machine, but TYPICALLY it is done through SMB or FTP, either of which should have a user account (FTP could be done anonymously, but do you really want anonymous access to any of your servers?). Another typical option is being able to email scans from the machine. Oh, and if you have passwords set to expire, whatever you set up might suddenly stop working when the account it's using needs a password change.

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by WhoWasThat25 In reply to A good place to start

thanks for the help. i checked the manual, but all it talks about is speaking to your admin for an account. i wasnt sure if there was more to it

thanks :)

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I hate it when

by StealthWiFi In reply to manual

They do that, the manual is suppose to be detailed instructions for your new device, a lot of places do that so you have to have their techs come out and set it up for you (at a high cost)

sorry I couldn't be more help

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easy stuff

by daniel In reply to Add MP C5000 to network a ...

This is a very simple project. First you need to create a share folder on your workstation or server. Allow "all" permissions or you will never write from the machine to the file. When you get the copier connected, type the Ip address of the copier into a browser. Go to the upper right of the window and click login. The username is lowercase admin, no password. When you are logged on as administrator, you will see an address book tab that was not there previously on the left hand side of the page. In address book, click on new user, scroll to name and give a name, then give same name to key display (this is what you will see on the control panel). Scroll down to folder authentication, select the radio button. In folder authentication put in a username with rights to your server folder and then where it says login password click change and add the password with rights to your sharefolder and then confirm. Last but not least scroll toward the bottom of the page to an area marked "folder". At the bottom of that box is a box marked "path". Put in the path (using standard smb protocol ie: \\servername\share once you have added a valid path and valid authentication above, hit either OK or OK and add another to save. You now have an address book entry to scan to file. You may want to set your copiers scanning properties to show folder as your level one display unless you are setting for scan to email as well. scan to email is the 1st level display by default. Hope that sheds light for you!

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