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Add printers during login

By jamierterrell ·
Is there a free way to add printers to a workstation when the user logs in? Using Windows 2000 server, Windows XP/2000 machines and Active Directory. I know you can do it with something like Scriptlogic but don't want to buy something just for printers...

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by moserjj In reply to Add printers during login

get the zero administration kit for windows nt server from

there is a utility in there for adding printers. its almost identical to mapping drives, something like "file.exe net use \\server\printername"

i use it in a batch file like:

\\server\netlogon\file.exe \\server\printername

works great and has a few options with it

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by jamierterrell In reply to

so the NT version will work with 2000 server and XP workstations? I know the kernels are about the same but didn't know if you had to get a the version for your OS..

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Batch file

by leo_bronstein In reply to Add printers during login

The utility in Zero Admin Kit is \i386\Tools\con2prt.exe. Below are the options.
H>con2prt /?

CON2PRT: Lets the user disconnect all existing connections to Windows NT printers and connect to newly specified Windows NT printers.

Usage: CON2PRT [ /? | /h | /f |
[/c \\printserver\share | /cd \\printserver\share]+]

/? - displays usage.
/h - displays usage.
/f - deletes all existing printer connections.
/c - connects to \\printserver\share printer.
/cd - connects to \\printserver\share printer and sets it as the default

NOTE: /?, /h can only be the first parameter and if specified further
interpretation of the command line is stopped. /f can also only
be the first parameter, however it doesn't stop further
interpretation of the command line. Any number of /c and /cd
parameters can be specified however only the first /cd sets the
printer specified as the default.

Hint: Use --Net View \\printserver-- to determine available print shares.

Copy con2prt.exe into any server share accessable for anyone on your network and create a batch file as shown below.

\\servername\sharename\con2prt.exe /c \\servername\printername

Then email the batch file to a user or add it to a logon script.

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con2prt.exe to map default printer

by cody In reply to Batch file

I agree.
Con2prt.exe is probably the best and easiest solution. You can also use the "ADDPRINTER" command in KIX scripting as well which is quite nice.

Have a look here for some exampls on using the con2prt.exe usage:

If you're keen, use a KIX file as well. I use both and it works well. Have a look here also:

Hope that ehlps you out.

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