Add program to "Open With" Programs List?

By Charvell ·
Recently we upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010. After the upgrade, 1 of our users does not have Excel listed in the default list of "Open" programs when he tries to open a file without an extension. I've browsed to the Office14 folder, Excel.exe, and click Open but Excel does not get added to the list. OS is XP SP3. Is there a registry entry I can manually add the excel executable to so he can use it to open files without extensions?

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this may help

by markp24 In reply to Add program to "Open With ...

Right click on the file and select 'Open With' (you may have to hold the shift key when right clicking to get that "open with option). Click on 'Choose Program... and broswe to the excel.exe file '. You can select 'Always use the selected program to open ..'. Click Ok. the file should open,
close the file,
then right click on it, choose open with and excel should appear.

you can also look at this site

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i'll try it

by Charvell In reply to Add program to "Open With ...

I already did your first suggestion (several times just to make sure I wasn't making a mistake) although since the file has no extension, there is no option to select "always use the selected to program to open".

I'll see if I can finagle the registry hack to use excel instead of notepad, that may be an acceptable solution

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I figured it out

by Charvell In reply to Add program to "Open With ...

Turns out, there were a couple registry keys that were still referencing Office12\Excel.exe instead of Office14\Excel.exe. Once I fixed those, everything worked correctly.

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Nice Work!!

by markp24 In reply to Add program to "Open With ...

Well done, i forgot about that issue if you upgrade to a new office version some registry entries don't seem to get updated.

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