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    Add/Remove programs empty


    by ourcats5 ·

    I have a NT 4.0 workstation with many programs loaded on it,including all current Windows updates as of 4/30/03. One current issue is that with the exception of Adobe Acrobat Reader, no other programs show up in Add/Remove programs. So it is difficult to uninstall any programs that do not include their own uninstall program.
    One note: The image on this machine is from a kwown good Ghost image.
    Any ideas?

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      by tlath1972 ·

      In reply to Add/Remove programs empty

      Are the programs listed in the programs folder. If so try reinstalling one of the programs and then see if it still doesn’t show up. If that is the case try logging on as somebody else. You should be logged on as the administrator. Check to see if there are any policies blocking it from showing up.

      Good lucky

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        been there, done that

        by ourcats5 ·

        In reply to hmm

        The machine in question has about 7 different user profiles. I does not matter which profile is used. All programs are listed in the programs folder. But there is some problem in the registry that is keeping any programs from showing up in “add/remove programs”.

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          long program names may not appear

          by professional_pcs ·

          In reply to been there, done that

          long program names may not appear in the add remove programs , does the machine where the image came from have the programs listed in the add remove programs?
          I also noticed that when I image a drive the programs were not listed in add/remove programs,I figured it was because they really were not actually installed, they were imaged

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      Programs not “registered”

      by 5q ·

      In reply to Add/Remove programs empty

      Tons of FREE software doesn’t put entries in Win Registry at all. Most often they also don’t put files in C:\Win\System, etc. If so, the uninstal is simply to delete the folder where the executable resides. Since this may be dangerous to do with a registered, but not listed in “Add/Remove…” application, be very careful.
      In fact, Windows with 1 row in “Add/Remove” is worth noting.

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