add route for internet traffic

By mamut0o1 ·
Hello all; I have a situation where I need to re-route one PC to get the internet from another site; in other words right now all the internet traffic is going out one place. I need to make an exeption to this rule.
Can anyone help me?


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Route traffic

by Nimmo In reply to add route for internet tr ...

You can re-route this PC by adding a rule in the current gateway to forward any traffic from this PC to the other gateway.

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new route

by mamut0o1 In reply to Route traffic

I tried changing the gateway already (under network settings) but it didnt work. That's why I though I might need to do it from the cisco router.
any ideas?

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How is your network setup?

by BizIntelligence In reply to new route

How is your network setup?

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network setup

by mamut0o1 In reply to How is your network setup ...

I have a t1 point-to-point and a dsl modem. The t1 is mainly to access the server. I have a router 192.168.x.x for the T1 and a cisco router 192.168.c.c for the dsl modem. Currently I have a "ip route o.o.o.o wanip" route on the cisco router;
so I assume thats telling the router to direct all the internet traffic thru the cisco router(dsl). I would like to know how to tell the cisco router to allow; 192.168.x.23 (my PC) to route thru 192.168.x.x so I could go out that t1 for that particular IP. I hope Im making sense.

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New route

by Nimmo In reply to new route

No you misunderstood me, don't change the IP setting of the workstation you should leave them, but add a route in the gateway (router) to forward traffic to another gateway for the specific workstation address.

This way when traffic hits the default gateway it will see the address and flick it off to the alternate gateway.

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