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By Wizard-09 ·
I'm I missing something here, been a long time that I used this command but to me it looks ok.

I am connected to the Internal network over VPN but unable to connect to a server on the lan, I know its down to a route problem so I added the route see below but get this error I'm ready to cry ha ha

route add 192.168.**.** mask 192.168.**.* but I get this error.

The specified mask parameter is invalid. (Destination & Mask) != Destination

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Add Route

by alrocky69 In reply to Add Route

I think you are entering the wrong mask or gateway here. Look below examples. That is the correct format though.


> route PRINT

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Very rusty here, but

by Bizzo In reply to Add Route

If you have a class C destination, it should be in the format 192.168.*.0, not 192.168.*.* (assuming * is non zero)

But if the destination is 192.168.*.*, then the mask should be

Like I said, ages since I've had to do this, so I may be wrong.

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How are you trying to connect to the server?

by jdclyde In reply to Add Route

Keep in mind, a lot of your normal LAN protocols will not be broadcast over a VPN by default. You might have to add broadcasts.

Can you ping the server?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to How are you trying to con ...

No I am unable to ping the server when connected via VPN, I was also thinking that maybe it should be a DNS issue, but then if i am connected over VPN to the network then I should be using the Network DNS server and so on, so that makes me think that its down to the route not being added to the routing table?

What you think?


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by Jellimonsta In reply to Add Route

You would need the route specified on your VPN gateway if it is in a different subnet. If the VPN gateway can ping the server then you should be able to do a route add on the client. Can you ping any other devices in the subnet of the server in question?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Routing

Test that at the moment as the user is question is gone home, he live's in India, just read up on a few things, it could be down to the fact that the RDP connection is not going out over the VPN connection but the local connection, will disable the firewall tomorrow on the machine in question to see if this is the case, anyother time I've setup VPN its worked fine, so I will try this out tomorrow just in case if not then it has to be down to the route not being added, think I know were I am going wrong on that front if it is that problem.

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