Add Time Cells in EXCEL 2003

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OK - This SHOULD be easy, but I'm missing something... I have an EXCEL 2003 workbook that I'm using to keep track of my exercise times and other exercise info. I've been entering my time as h:mm:ss For example, the other day I walked 1 hour, 9 minutes, 49 seconds, so I entered 1:09:49 I simply want to add the cells in the time column together to see my total time. So if I walk, say, 1 hour, 1 minute, and 1 second (1:01:01) a total of 25 times, my Total cell will show 25:25:25 I'm thinking this is something that EXCEL can handle without a problem? Again, though, I'm stumped! HELP!!! Thanks! (I want to ultimately get fancy and, in addition to Total time, have a break-down by month, and, possibly, eventually, by week. I have three separate sheets - one for Walking, one for Bicycling, and one for Elliptical. I've already figured out how to sum calories burned across all three sheets, and I have a running month column for distances and calories on each of them. I want to do the total time across the three as well; I think I'll be able to do that once I can get by the individual sheet sums! :) Grrrrrrr... )

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