Add Windows 2003 Server to existing SBS 2000 - for evaluation projects

By elavionediaz ·
Add Windows 2003 Server to existing SBS 2000 - for evaluation projects

Can I join a windows 2003 server (w2k3) with sql server 2008 to my existing windows small business 2000 (sbs2k), without break, lost or delegate anything from sbs2k3 to the "w2k3 server"?

We have one server with sbs2k running and serving as: file storage, printer server, sql server 2000 + IIS (for ERP), Firebird (for payroll).

The workload is big, and the sbs2k is aged so don't give the better performance to the ERP/Payroll users.

We need to buy a new server, migrate the ERP/Payroll DBMS (sql server & firebird), so the new server will be a member of the sbs2k. So the sbs2k will stop serving dbms (not uninstalling), and the users will access the new server db.

We want to evaluate the migration, but I'm worried of break or delegate something from my sbs2k to the "w2k3 server eval". After testing the evaluation server will be wiped, and in a near future we buy the new server + w2k3 & sqls.2k8

Steeps planned:
* backup databases
* install the w2k3 + sql2k8 (server evaluation)
*** join the w2k3.server to my sbs2k.domain. But without break something.
* Verify that the w2k3 have and see the user/group accounts from the sbs2k and allow access from users.
* Create the accounts need it on sql2k8 (needed by the ERP) & restore the DB backups.
* modify the .UDL used for the ERP.ActiveX controls to connect to the new server database. (from: sql2k.server, to: sbs2k8.server).
* Test connectivity on the ERP.eval on some PCs

* Install the Payroll system (firebird), restore data
* Test clients on some PCs.

* After testing (hope successfully) we need to remove the "server evaluation". Without lost or break functions on the sbs2k.

I think the new server bought, will be like the scenario of the test. I don't want to delegate nothing from the sbs2k.DC to the w2k3.dbms.

*** maybe someday, I will need to upgrade/downgrade the sbs2k.DC to w2kX (not anymore a sbs) only to be and DC, file, printer server, but this will be another nightmare.

Thanks for the help.
: forgive my "self.learned.English"

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