Addded another router...

By technogeek-1995 ·
I added another router to my network, via Ethernet. I have been having problems with PCs connected to my primary (connected to modem) router via Ethernet [LAN]. I have lost internet on it 2 times now. I have it working wireless now. The routers are Linksys WRT54Gs connected to WRT542. What settings do I have to change to get this work right, something in Advanced Routing??? I want to maintain MAC Address and WEP security, too.

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enable wireless lan on both computers

by kewlharsh In reply to Addded another router...

after that,
go to the router's page - go to "wireless" tab - change the settings in wireless network mode, selecting mixed if one of ur computer uses 802.11b and the other one uses 802.11g wireless. if both ur computers have 802.11b or 802.11g select the wireless mode accordingly. set a wireless network name, and wireless channel and enable "wireless SSID broadcast". Then "save settings"
then go to "wireless security" and select "WEP" and ur passkey. then again "save Settings" and u shud be good to go.
post back if u have any problems.

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The computer have

by technogeek-1995 In reply to enable wireless lan on bo ...

The computers have always had Wireless and Wired enabled. All of those setting were already checked.

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Insure that the second router

by IC-IT In reply to Addded another router...

has DHCP turned off (Unless it is already off in the first).

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I just turned.

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Insure that the second ro ...

I just turned it off. LAN seems to be working, now. Why does the DHCP have to be shut down; Both routers can't assign IP address?

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Only if they could be managed with a Superscope

by IC-IT In reply to I just turned.

Otherwise if the DHCP server that first issued the lease is slow to respond and the other DHCP issues a response to an address request the first then sends a negative and sh*t goes south.

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