Added 7200RPM 133mHz hard drive to P3-1000, card doesn't work

By pellegr1 ·
I added a new hard drive to a P3-1000, I cloned the new drive. It is a 7200 RPM 133mHz drive that needs the accelerator card to get the 133mHz speed. Now the new drive will boot without the accelerator card, and is somewhat faster than the original drive, but it won't boot on the accelerator card. Device driver states the Card is working normally. I tried everything I could think of. The only thing I didn't do is a fresh install of the operating system with the new drive on the card. The owner doesn't know where his software is. (They want a computer, but like others, they don't take having a computer serious enough to really "get into it"). Not doing a "fresh install", do you suspect that is the main problem or is there any suggestions. Of course I checked the Master, Slave, settings on the hard drive and then changed them to suit after cloning. To clone, I used Acronis True Image 10. I am stumped.

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You didn't say.................

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Added 7200RPM 133mHz hard ...

Is the hard drive detected in the BIOS, either with the card or without? Could be those older BIOS can't detect a drive on a card. Or, maybe the BIOS insists on booting from a drive connected to the main IDE controler. What do the instructions with the card have to say about older computers?

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I didn't say that the OE is XP either

by pellegr1 In reply to You didn't say........... ...

The drive is detected in the BIOS when connected to the normal IDE cable. (I have used these cards in a few other older computers, with Award BIOSs and they don't show up in the BIOS either, but they do work.) AS you are guessing, the card doesn't show up in the P3s BIOS and the drive of course doesn't show up when connected to the card, but XP shows it as a second drive in Device Manager. The card instructions state required parameters and this system meets them. The main requireement is that the pC supports DMA which the P3 does of course. The cable they give has colored connecters to match the card, but this usually is not a complicated deal. The card uses the common SIL-680 IDE and RAID chip, and I tried the IDE drivers and was told "drivers not installed" so I let it install the drives automatically and that semed to go well. Thanks for your reply.

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If you are attempting to boot off this drive through the Controller Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Added 7200RPM 133mHz hard ...

You need to do either a Repair Install or In Place Install to ad the Driver for the Accelerator Card. Without this driver installed the system will be unable to boot.

What you generally need to do here is copy the Driver to the Root of a Floppy and when the very first Blue Windows Screen appears from the Install Disc press the F6 Key and when prompted add the Floppy and install the driver.

The directions for doing a In Place Install are here but you need to have a solid Backup already in place just in case



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Your reply is what I need, I think

by pellegr1 In reply to If you are attempting to ...

Thanks for your suggestion, I think you are leading me in the right direction, I will definitely try to do it. Thank You.
The problem here is that I don't have the XP software for this PC as I stated im my original question, but you still gave me a direction.

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reposted with correct account

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Your reply is what I need ...
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Any XP Install media should do ;

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Your reply is what I need ...

Just make sure that it's the same as what is currently on the unit like XP Home/Pro and use the Product Key that is on the computer.


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I don't know if I will be able to follow your suggestion

by pellegr1 In reply to Any XP Install media shou ...

Before I got this computer working so that I could clone the drive, I tried using my XP Media center DVDs to restore IE6 and the product key wasn't recognized. (I suspect it isn't geniune. I don't know who else has worked on this PC, but I sure don't try to booleg anything, it is not worth the bother or possible hassle. This is a no win situation for me favor I got roped into doing for a friend.) The P3-1000 has XP Pro on it. IE6 was corrupted so I intalled Firefox. Later today I am going to still try and follw your suggestions as far as I can go with them. Thanks.

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OK the problem here is that you need the same version of XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I don't know if I will be ...

So in this case you would need XP Pro to reload the system with the existing Product Key. If the computer had XP Home installed you would need to use a XP Home Install CD and if it had MCE you would need to use a MCE Install CD. Unfortunately with XP the install media is different between the different versions this is the only thing that makes Vista worth looking at currently as that can use the same DVD to install all the different versions and remain Legit.

M$ has made things better for the Techs as with 98 you needed the install CD that came with the computer which was a problem with XP they narrowed it down to just needing the same version Install CD to install from but I would be immediately suspicious if there was no COA on the case and would be very unlikely to fix the problem unless I had sold them a Volume License which is only used in a Business Environment where i mostly work.

I just love jobs like that as I have always found them to be much more trouble than they are worth and the owners never appreciate the time taken to cure the problems that they have made. Mostly they will complain about the time taken to fix the mess that they have made. But I continually say No Attempt to Help Ever Goes Unpunished which is about right.


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PC originally had Windows ME

by pellegr1 In reply to OK the problem here is th ...

PC now has Windows XP Pro and my personal software is Windows Media Edition which is based on XP Pro so I thought/hoped it would work. I asked them to find the original ME software from Dell and they can't find that either. I have done this same accelerator card and hard drive upgrade to a couple of other PCs and it is worthwhile for tasks like Word and office work. This one is a challenge that is beginning to get old. I am about to give it back working on the original drive, its slow but it does work. Your comment in bold type is too often true. Thanks for the help.

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Glad I could be of some help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC originally had Windows ...

I just love jobs like that where the owner is unable to do anything at all to help fix the machine.

I just love the disbelieving look and reply when asking for original Install Media of something like Is That Important?

One of the best ones is a medium business that I support took delivery of new machines on a Thursday and on Friday they had lost all the Manuals/Install Disc's. I found it impossible to believe that they had lost so much so soon. Now I still give them this stuff but I first make copies of everything and file it here before delivering anything to them.


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