added new ram laptop wont boot!

By hypernova3E ·
I have a business notebook nc6000 decided to add an extra 512mb of ram. The mother ram was hynix and the purchased ram is micron upon adding the new ram for first time it booted perfectly and all was well for about 2 months. Then after attempting to start up laptop realised it would not even boot into windows, the fan turns on the flashing leds turn on for about 2 seconds and shutsdown and attempts to start up constantly repeating the process until i remove power supply. I removed the new micron module and everything works normal again with its original ram chip, but when attempted to boot with the micron ram by itself the laptop wont start up again same symptoms constant attempts to restart every 2 seconds. so now i have a micron 512mb pc2700 ram module that doesnt work and dont know if its because of incompatibility or is the ram bad?

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By the sounds of things you have a Faulty RAM Chip

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to added new ram laptop wont ...

Whenever I upgrade NB RAM I always replace everything with the same brand and speed RAM so that I can be sure that there are no problems between the different RAM Sticks.

Quite often you'll get a timing issue creep in and cause all sorts of problems that they are virtually impossible to track down till you look at the RAM and then realise that you have different Brands involved.

I would suggest replacing both Sticks with Corsair or Kingston RAM as either are good well made and reliable.


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