Adding 2 SATA drives in RAID-0

By Tesseract_Orion ·
I would like to use 2 Western Digital Raptors as a boot disk in RAID-O. Can I clone from my existing IDE boot harddrive? How can I make the RAID array up before cloning and then also make XP boot from it? Thanks for any pointers!

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by UAnimosity In reply to Adding 2 SATA drives in R ...

You won't want to clone, since you'll need RAID Drivers installed on the OS to recognize the raid controller. This usually has to be done from the F6 prompt when 1st installing windows (or can be slipstreamed in).

If you want to setup your system into RAID (or should just be AID in 0's case)0, copy your critical/important data and programs to a secondary medium (external HDD works fine) reload your OS with the new raid drivers/array and copy your files back over.

Remember, Striped array's offer NO redundancy, so if you lose a drive or a raid controller, all of your data is pretty much hooped, as it is extremely difficult to recover that kind of data.

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by Tesseract_Orion In reply to acronis

Thanks to both you guys for your pointers. I do appreciate the risk of RAID-0 but this is just a games machine primarily with no critical data on - tho I will back up to DVD and external drives anything important.

I did as you suggested and installed XP with SATA drivers and will copy across data.

Good Acronis link too, thanks CG!

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