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Adding a BDC across a WAN

By dan.morgan ·
Has anyone successfully added a BDC across a WAN? I've been trying to use the LMHOSTS technique of putting in ipaddressofpdc "domainname \0x1b" #PRE and its not working...

This is geting on my nerves <g> so any help would be most appreciated!


Dan Morgan

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Adding a BDC across a WAN

by dantello In reply to Adding a BDC across a WAN

Hopefully I'm not mistaken but, A stand alone server is not able to be upgraded to BDC if it was not configured to be a BDC during setup. For example, in order to create a BDC, the computer must have communicated with the PDC during setup. If you install as a server member of a domain and are not able to communicate with the PDC during setup, a local acct will be created, and you will always be able to log onto the local computer instead of the domain. To resolve either of these issues after setup is complete, you will need to completely eliminate all config info and re-install from scratch.

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by richardprokup In reply to Adding a BDC across a WAN

A few things....
1: Do you have proper connectivity between the two servers. IE: can you ping the pdc from the remote bdc?
2: You might want to think about putting up a WINS server instead of using LMHOSTS. WINS is quite efficient and can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. That way you just point the server to the WINS server and off you go!


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Don't forget Domain

by druidlogan In reply to Adding a BDC across a WAN

Don't forget to use the "#dom:domainname" after the #pre.
Good luck.

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