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    Adding a BDC to a DC


    by petadove ·

    I need to add a BDC to the domain but I’ve never done it before and I am aware that doing the wrong thing can be disastrous. Hence the reason for my question.

    Can someone give me step-by-step instructions to do this?


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      Reply To: Adding a BDC to a DC

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Adding a BDC to a DC

      Well, first off, in Win2K, there are no longer primary or backup domain controllers. All DCs are equal, basically. It is just a matter of the different Roles that different DC can have that make any difference.
      But in regards to the copies of the user and machine accounts, all DCs in an AD domain have a writeable copy.

      Now that the lecture is over, setting up an additional DC in AD is easy.

      Set up your 2nd Win2K Server as a MEMBER server of your AD domain. After that is done, run DCPROMO from the Start -> Run box on this 2nd server.

      Go through the AD wizard, and select Additional Domain Controller in Existing Forest. Put in your AD domain (if it is not already filled it).

      It really is easy.

      hope this helps

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      Reply To: Adding a BDC to a DC

      by petadove ·

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