Adding a DC to an existing Forest - Error

By Levi_L ·
I am trying to add a new DC to an existing forest. The existing forest, is a server 2008 machine on subnet 172.30.x.x and the new DC I am trying to add to it, is a server 2003 machine on subnet 172.29.x.x. When i first created the Domain, I made sure to set it to a serve 2003 Domain.
When I try to add the server 2003 DC to the domain, it says "An active directory domain controller from domain "mydomain.local" could not be contacted. Enter a DNS Domain name that is typed correctly."

My guess is that it is a DNS problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it. Both machines have DNS installed, and I set the secondary DNS of the Server 2003 machine to the IP of the 2008 machine. I created an A record in the reverse lookup of the DNS on the Server 2003 machine, but that didn't seem to help. If I try to ping the machine name of the 2008 server from the 2003 server, it does not resolve.

Any help would be appreciated.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to Adding a DC to an existin ...

You want to create LMHOST files on both DC's to point to the other DC see the below link this should help you out.

EDIT to add below

Or if you have not done this do so then try again, add a forwarder in your DNS server to point to the other DNS server on the other domain and again on the other domain DNS put a forwarder on to point to it's DNS server

So in other words have the domain point to the other DNS server as a forwarder for both domains

Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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Re: Adding a DC

by christianshiflet In reply to Adding a DC to an existin ...

Have you added the 2008 server's subnet into DNS on the 2003 machine as a reverse lookup subnet? In the DNS console under Reverse Lookup Zones there should be anentry for each individual subnet that your domain is serving so it knows where to send traffic not intended for the local subnet/network.

Let me know if that helps or you have further questions. Thanks.

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It tried that

by Levi_L In reply to Re: Adding a DC

I added the 172.30.x.x subnet to the Reverse Lookup Zones on the 2003 Machine, but that didn't work. It still gave me the same error.

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I found a way around it...

by Levi_L In reply to Adding a DC to an existin ...

What I did was change the primary DNS server for the NIC to the IP of the 2008 DC, and then it worked just fine.
I had considered adding an entry into the lmhosts file, but I shouldn't have to do that.
Either way, all is right again... at least for now.

Thanks for all your help and quick responses.

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