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Adding a disclaimer to Exchange 2000


Due to the recent IRS Circular 230 mandate. I now need to add a disclaimer to Outgoing email at the server.(CPA firm). I have reviewed software products via Google search. Can anyone give advice on which to choose or why you are using a certain product. Also is there a disclaimer software that will let me set the Stationary to a Corporate standard and not allow users to change it? I will be upgrading to Win 2003/Exchange 2003...Does it have GP for Outlook to be able to set the Stationary?


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How to add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic

by mtesfaye In reply to Adding a disclaimer to Ex ...;en-us;317327&Product=exch2003
I was also able to put a disclamer using a antivirus API scanner.

Good luck - I hope this helps

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Exclaimer Software

by jbeckett In reply to Adding a disclaimer to Ex ...


I currently use the product EXCLAIMER ( and this allows all users to have a standard corporate disclaimer with company logo etc, which the user has no access to or control over. It integrates with AD and pulls the individual users detail from there AD account information. Easily configurable and not expensive to to purchase.

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by cody In reply to Exclaimer Software

I too have used Exclaimer at two of my client sites and it works VERY WELL!

Like what jbeckett mentioned, it integrates into Active Directory VERY WELL so you can pull fields from it and use it into the signature.

This means, you create a signature in the Exclaimer software and instead of writing the person's name, you use the AD fields instead. So, all you have to do is update all the fields in AD like their phone number, fax, address etc. Then you can use them all in Exclaimer.

It's great because if your address changes, you only make the change in AD ("Select All" then "Properties") then change it and the signature changes.

It does an SMTP Hook to Exchange, so gets stamped on the way out, so the user is FORCED to have it (or you can exclude them).

Also, it's cheap and you can get a FREE TRIAL as well. Once you're happy with it and decide to buy it, all you need is just to input the serial number and all your settings are still there.

Hope that helps.
Let me know if you have any other questions regarding it but after some research, EXCLAIMER is the BEST Software I've found.

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