adding a SATA hard drive

By jblvlma37 ·
I installed a SATA Hard Drive to a IDE, But the Mother Board is not reading it. I have installed the drivers. It still doesn't show up on the computer a ankother drive. Any suggestions. Other than getting a new mother board.

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Does the motherboard have onboard SATA capability or

by Deadly Ernest In reply to adding a SATA hard drive

did you just use a conversion kit?

If the motherboard has onboard SATA capability and not reading, you will need to go into the BIOS during boot up and check the SATA capability is activated as it's often deactivated if not in use. You may then have to check the BIOS settings on which drive to boot from as well and make sure you have it pointing at the correct drive as some will automatically change pointers to the SATA first.

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No Onboard SATA capability

by jblvlma37 In reply to Does the motherboard have ...

No the computer does not have a on board capability, I added a PCI card that has a SATA however I can't seem to locate the drive.

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Have you opened the Drive Management Window

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to adding a SATA hard drive

And formatted the HDD?

New HDD do not come formatted or prepared so you need to go through this process before you can write any Data to them.

Assuming this is some kind of Windows left click on Start then right Click on My Computer, Left Click on Manage and when the next window opens left click on Drive Management. Scroll down the Listed Drives and Right Click on the New Drive and if prompted to Prepare the Drive select Yes and then follow the prompts. If you are not prompted right click on the Drive and scroll down the Drop Down Menu and Left Click on Format. Then follow the Prompts.


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It works I hope

by jblvlma37 In reply to Have you opened the Drive ...

I did exactly what you wrote and I weas able to partition the dhard drive and them format it. added them as a drive and it looks healthy, by the way its Windows XP Professional. Thanks

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Since it looks like he gave you the fix, don't forget to give

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It works I hope

OH Smeg the Thumbs Up for the answer

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