Adding a scanned signature to documents

By dr_dave53 ·
I have a user who needs to add her signature to certain document that she e-mail. The customer told her that an e-signature is not appropriate to their needs.
I have tried to scan then size a graphic to insert. This solution only works about 30% of the time.
Any ideas?

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What are the results when it does not work?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Adding a scanned signatur ...

What happens 70% of the time you're adding the scanned signature? Is it showing in the document before she emails it? Is it not received on the other end? Is it not showing in the document at all?

Is this scanned siggy sitting on a network server?

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results of insert

by dr_dave53 In reply to What are the results when ...

the results very (to air pressure, phases of the moon, and any other odd cosmic occurrence)
A) The signature places itself where it choses, instead of the box it is placed in.
B) It jumps to a 24pt type size and will not resize.
C) Looks good on the monitor. Nothing on the e-mailed version.
Yes I already scanned for viruses.

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Images do not honor boxes.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to results of insert

Image placement does not honor the limits of a text box. The background is one layer, the box is another and the image is a 3rd layer.

You can insert a table and place the image inside of it, but the image won't stay in place when you use a text box.

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Imbed in document

by LarryD4 In reply to Adding a scanned signatur ...

If you using Word why not just create a form that has signiture already imbedded in the document?

That way, when the user just needs to send one, just open the form, type up the document, save, and attach to an email.

If it needs to be physically in the email and you use outlook then just use the form in outlook.

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Using forms

by dr_dave53 In reply to Imbed in document

Thank you Larry,
I didn't think of forms. I'll give it try.

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