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    Adding a scsi HD to a IDE HD XP system


    by elchaco ·

    Here is where I stand for answers.
    I have a windows nt server computer on my network with 2 SCSI HD, the primary HD is bad, can not boot the server, I have a software program install on the second SCSI HD. Now when I turn on the server, access the booting options and use the debug mode but do not sign in and leave the server idle, I can access the program thru my my network from my new computer running XP Pro with IDE HD, subscesfully run the program on the SCSI HD with no problem.
    The question is how can I connect the SCSI HD from my server in my new computer and be able to run the program.
    I got me a SCSI PCI card install it on my new computer, but the system does not see it if I boot using the XP on my IDE drive.

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      by elchaco ·

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      You might need to either update your bios or download some software.

      by Anonymous ·

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      Since most bios’s do not have the space for “SCSI” the only option is for you to download some scsi software/hardware or both, more here:

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      by thechas ·

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      Was the NT server configured as a RAID array?

      If so, you may need both drives in order to access either drive of the array.

      What about drivers?

      Did you install the driver for the SCSI card?

      What about jumpers and terminations? Some SCSI interfaces require a termination plug at the end of the cable.

      For that matter, did you get the correct SCSI card for the drive you have? It is possible that your SCSI drive is so much slower than what a new card can support that the new card will not work with your drive.

      Encryption is also a possibility.

      Why not get the media for the software and install it on the XP system?

      You might even be able to perform a selective restore from a backup of the server.


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      RE : [i]The question is how can I connect the SCSI HD from my server in my

      by oh smeg ·

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      You need to install the Program onto the New Computer as you are attempting to run an application that isn’t compatible with your current OS well at least it’s not completely installed as the Windows Roots will not be on your New Computer.

      As for not seeing the SCSI Drive you need to Read The Manual that came with the SCSI Card. all SCSI Devices need to be set to an Address generally between 1 and 7 and if both the SCSI Card and HDD have the same address they remain invisible. So you need to configure the SCSI to actually work if it wasn’t part of a RAID Array.

      Have a Look in Disc Management to see if the SCSI Drive is actually present on the new computer and what what type of Partition is involved.

      It is quite possible that it isn’t able to be read by the new computer because of the way that the server was configured.

      Your real answer here is that as the Server OS isn’t completely corrupted as you can access the Application you should repair the Server which seems to be working OK except for a Corrupt User Profile that is preventing you logging into it.

      You also need to look at the actual application you are using here to see if it is compatible with XP many pieces of old software are not compatible and you need to buy new software to run on the XP Platform.

      When XP was first released it was exactly like Vista is now a lot of Hardware and Software was unable to be run with it.


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