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    Adding a second DC to an existing domain


    by tgardner13 ·

    I am trying to make a server on our network a DC. We are going to make this the primary after we get it configured correctly. I go through the “Configure your server wizard and go through the steps. When I get to the admin restore password I enter one and then the configuring starts. Then it errors out and gives me a message
    The operation failed because:

    The Active Directory Installation Wizard cannot continue because the forest is not prepared for installing Windows Server 2003. Use the Adprep command-line tool to prepare both the forest and the domain. For more information about using the Adprep, see Active Directory Help.

    “The version of the Active Directory schema of the source forest is not compatible with the version of Active Directory on this computer.” I have run this and yet it still is not working. Any ideas from anybody would be great.

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