Adding a second hard drive to serve as an extension of the first

By lesakay ·
The computer is a Dell E310/3100 and has only a 60gb hard drive. She bought a 250gb SATA and doesn't want a second hard drive-simply an extension of the first hard drive (C). She wants to place the larger drive in the mount of the smaller one and move the small drive to the second mount.
Is it possible to do this and have both hard drives being recognized as (C) and working as a single hard drive?
I hate to eat at your table and run but I've been up long enough that my back and neck are hurting soooo! much. Thanks for any help. I will check back in a few hours. PM me or e-mail lesakay@adelphia.net. Thanks!
Harmie Johnson

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Adding a second hard driv ...

But I suppose that you could just fit the 250 GIG SATA Move data to it and whatever else like the My Documents Folder and your E-Mail Store Folder and just forget about using explorer or My Computer.

As he data would be automatically going to a drive other than the boot drive if they don't look they will never know.

About switching the drive mounts around though Yes this is certainly possible and easy to do but it may be a waste of your time unless there is some overriding factor like lead length involved which makes it necessary to do something like this.

About the only way that I know of having 2 HDD's fitted and only having them show up as one HDD is to use a RAID Setup but that requires 2 HDD the same size and type. Even then for safety you would want a Mirrored RAID and not a Stripped RAID so you would only have the MAX Size of one drive available for storage purposes but a lot of redundancy. A Stripped Array would give you the full size of the 2 drives but absolutely no redundancy and the possibility of when a drive fails loosing everything as there are packets written to both drives for everything.


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