Adding a second router to existing network

By wmarr ·
I have a D link router which is my primary connection point to the internet. Secondly, I have installed a second Belkin router(wireless) to expand my network (add ports). The computers which are connected to the Belkin router can access the internet, but I cannot share files from my computer(s)-which are connected to the D-Link router, with the other computer(s) which are connected by the Belkin router. All computers are hardwired, except for the Nintendo Wii(which is why I got wireless in the first place.) Can any one tell me what changes I have to make in order for my computer to see the other subnet computers.
(I have disabled DHCP on the Belkin -since it is uplinked to a port on the D-link router.)-Yes, I know, I fix computers, but sometimes ya gotta go for a little help.

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Disable the firewall features on the Belkin

by bart777 In reply to Adding a second router to ...

If this is a normal internet style router the firewall features would block your abaility to do anything on a non internet port thru the device. You might also see if the Belkin has the ability to act as a bridge rather than a router. That should also sole the issue.

If I had the ability I would ditch the D-Link and put the Belkin as the internet device. Then add a simple network switch to expand the network. The added router layer is nice but not needed.

Best of luck

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Solution. If you like the way I set it up

by lovedimpy In reply to Adding a second router to ...

I was having same problem.... But now it is working fine.. You may try looking into this thread (I am giving link. I dont know if ur problem is exactly like mine or not, but you always can give it a try .By the way your Uplink ort might be WAN port in my case...

My Q.:-

My A.:-

I hope these 2 links will help you :)

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RE: routing table for both routers

by alashhar In reply to Solution. If you like the ...

hi all

lovedimpy i read your problem and i believe that the solution is create static or dynamic routing table as Michael Kassner replied to you here

also for this tread should has the same solution

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