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    Adding a Wireless Access Point to a network


    by funkymunky ·

    Hi.. I have a specific problem that I am dealing with. I have a small network, 15 units(POS cafe restarent sevice machines, 2 pcs, 1 server) all cat 5 to a New Netgear Switch (JGS524F) with a Comcast ADSL router connected for web access for the pcs. Web works fine. DHCP is enabled on the Comcast gear and its kicking out IPS of 10.1.10.* to a SN of and pcs work fine. I now wanted to add a Belkin Wireless Router To allow walk in customers to conenct to the Network and use the Web for free. The problem is the AP is visable and can be connected too but no web. I had assumed the AP would simply route to the web and clients would work fine.. but not so. Any ideas? I can remote to the AP tho IE on its default IP but I cant seem to find a routing option or anything. DHCP is disabled on the wireles router, NAT is on, one single cat 5 into the same Negear switch. There is no encryption to confuse the matter and no firewall. Im at a total loss. Thoughts? Thanks for any info. J

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