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Adding an Exchange Server 2003

By sdumont ·
I currently have two Windows Servers, one is a domain controller and the other is an appserver. I am adding an Exchange 2003 Server. I bought a computer just for this. The IT guy at our parent company wants to use this new computer as the Primary Domain Server with Exchange on it. He is pushing this to our boss. I believe this is a bad idea for many reasons. Anyone have any comments that I can add to my own on why this should not be done? Thanks in Advance.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Adding an Exchange Server ...

It can really depend on the circumstance as to whether using this new server for the DC and EX2K3 is a good or bad idea.
The main problem with running Exchange and DC functions on the same box is that Exchange is very resource intensive.
Also, Exchange uses LDAP port 389 which is needed by AD so you should change that. If you have a small number of users on both Exchange and your domain then using the server for both functions is acceptable.
If you only have 1 DC currently I would recommend using this Exchange box as a DC also. Have both on the same box is a better alternative to only having 1 DC. IMHO.

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Exchange Server

by sdumont In reply to Depends

My plan was to have the Exchange Server as a child Domain under our current DC. This will give me 3 Windows 2003 Servers with each serving a different function. The DC server for ADS, DHCP, WINS, DNS. The appserver for terminal services, Norton Corporate, Backup Exec and other apps. Then the Exchange Server, all replicating the ADS. One can be down with no effect on the network.


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