Adding an old hard drive to a new computer

By PICK220 ·
I just bought a Compaq Presario SR2032x with a 200GB Hard Drive. I want to install the hard drive from my "old" Compaq Presario s6100nx in my new computer. Both are running Windows XP Home. I studdied up on the procedure before I opened the boxes and thought I would have no problem. Unfortunately the old Presario has a parallel ATA hard drive cable while the new one is installed with a serial ATA cabel. Not knowing what I am doing but making a logical assumption I used the old parallel cable and connected the blue side to the open blue spot in the new mother board and installed my old hard drive (connecting it to pins labeled slave) and set the jumper to slave and then powered her up. Unfortunatelly I got as far as the big red compaq and received a message that windows could not start up because of a new hardware installation. So I disconnected everything and have had no trouble starting the computer.
I really want to savethe info on the old hard drive. Any suggestions?

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Multiple Settings

by TheChas In reply to Adding an old hard drive ...

On the assumption that the connection inside the Compaq is for a parallel ATA drive, you need to do multiple things.

First off, you need to set the jumpers on the old drive for single or master with out slave as this is the only drive on the circuit.

Next, you need to make sure that the boot sequence is set so that the SATA drive is the first boot device. You received the error because the system attempted to boot off of the old drive and it saw new hardware that it could not deal with.

Alternately, you can save a lot of hassle and potential problems by getting an external USB case for your old PATA drive.
Just install the drive and connect to a USB port and you are off and running.

Either way, if the files you wish to retrieve are under "My Documents", make sure to disable any password protection on the old computer before attempting to use the drive with the new computer.


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Also besides Password Protection

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Multiple Settings

If you have enabled Encryption on the Data Files you'll need to either remove the Encryption or save the Encryption key/s so you can actually read your data.

To transfer your data across I would use a crossover CAT5 cable and just run it as a simple Peer to Peer Network. That way you'll not have Ownership issues with the Data and so on and you'll be able to use the File & Setting Transfer Wizard provided by MS.

The Chas is right as usual and in this case when you started your computer it attempted to boot off the IDE Drive if you simply must have this drive connected to your new machine Chas's option of an external USB Caddy is the best option unless you are willing to wipe the drive and then once windows has booted off the SATA Drive you can then format the drive and use it for whatever you want. But while it has a working copy of Windows on it it will always be the default Boot Drive.

I'm presuming that you set it to Slave and had the Optical Drive as the Master on that IDE Lead is that correct?


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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Adding an old hard drive ...

Plug your old hdd into the ide2 and the new into ide1 and then boot.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to ide2

plug your new hdd into the ide2 of your old computer and transfer the data from the drive.Or plug external storage into your old computer and transfer that way

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Check BIOS carefully.

by 1bn0 In reply to Adding an old hard drive ...

There are a couple of options to look for.

I recently had the same problem on an IBM Thinkcentre.

The BIOS had an option to remove the ide CONTROLER from the list of bootable devices. This meant IDE drives were not avaiable to boot from.

The DELL GX520 ON my desk (Vista Beta2 test machine) has the controllers listed on the boot device oder list, som I can set PATA first or SATA first.

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