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Adding an old hardrive

By cakester ·
I recently bought a new computer but I would like to keep files and programs from my old hardrive. The old computer is running windows 98 and I now am using Win XP media edition. Can I remove the old hardrive and add it to my new computer someway and will the win 98 OS have to be uninstalled first. My old computer has no CD burner or ethernet card and my new one has no floppy so I can't just hook the to together, Or is there a better way to do this.

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by TheChas In reply to Adding an old hardrive

Assuming your new computer has a standard IDE hard drive, and a spare power connector, here is what you can do:

Shut down and unplug the new PC.

Open the case and locate the hard drive.

Set the drive jumpers on the new hard drive to master with slave present.

Remove the old hard drive from the old PC.

Set the jumpers on the old hard drive to slave.

Connect the old hard drive to the second connector on the IDE cable.

Connect power to the old hard drive.

Boot up the PC.
You may have to enter BIOS setup to change the drive settings so that the BIOS will recognize the added hard drive.

Copy your files onto the new hard drive.

Shut down and unplug the PC.

Remove the old hard drive.

Set the jumpers on the new drive back to the way they were.

Close up the case and you should be back in business.

When you boot up, enter BIOS setup and make sure that the removed hard drive is not listed.

Or, if you don't wish to go through all of that, do both PCs have USB ports?

If so, all you need is a USB data transfer cable.
These usually have a molded piece in the middle of the cable that contains a data transfer hub.

Install software as needed.

Boot up the old PC and insert your XP CD in the drive.

You want to run the files and settings transfer wizard.

Prepare the old PC for file and settings transfer, then connect both PCs with the USB transfer cable, and start the file and settings transfer.


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by cakester In reply to

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by cakester In reply to Adding an old hardrive

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