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Adding another building onto one network.

By cymro ·
We have two large building which need to be joined into one large network. The trouble is that the buildings are over 100 metres apart and therefore rules out cat 5.

People have suggested fibre optics but isn't that expensive? Any other options I should consider?

Please help!

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P-2-P or Fibre

by johnnywatt In reply to Adding another building o ...

If you can run Fibre without getting into restrictions, this is what you will need to do. So what if it costs a grand, does the company want the two buildings to share the computer systems? If fibre is not possible or you have restrictions (ie, roads, whatever) you may have to drop a point-to-point circuit between the two.

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by dwdino In reply to Adding another building o ...

If you have line of sight and the budget, FSO (Free Space Optics) are an excellent choice and fairly cost effective.

It is going to be pricey, regardless; but limit your costs to one time items. While Point to Point would be "quick and easy" it leaves you with and ongoing cost.

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This is interesting.

by johnnywatt In reply to FSO

I've never heard of Free space optics. Have you implemented this before?

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wireless bridging

by jdclyde In reply to Adding another building o ...

Have you looked into wireless?

If you stay away from the home models, you can get decent security on them.

Also by only allowing the one MAC, someone can't get on, and encrypting keeps them from evesdropping.

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by cymro In reply to wireless bridging

The directors have decided that wireless cannot be an option due to sensitive information being transmitted.

After investigating I've found co-ax can handle distances up to 500 metres, but will that work if the remainder of the network is cat5?

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Mixing coax and cat5 ethernet

by In reply to re:wireless

Yes. You can easily have coax and cat5 cabling on the same LAN. You will just need a hub that has both types of connectors. Of course, your coax cable will be limited to 10 Mbps.

Here's a resource:

Hope this is helpful...

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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by cymro In reply to Mixing coax and cat5 ethe ...

Found this to be the most cost effective way of joining them together.

Am I right in thinking that you can't send voice over coax? Our telephone system is joined to the switch on our lan.

Thanks once more!

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Should be able to do voice over coax

by In reply to thanks!

Hi Paul,

I would expect that you could send some voice over coax at 10 Mbps, just fewer simultaneous conversations than a 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps circuit.

We (at least "I") often look sideways at "slow" coax ethernet now that 100 Mbps is ubiquitous and 1000 Mbps is readily available. But, 10 Mbps ethernet is screaming fast compared with telephone networks. For example, an analog telephone circuit that handles one telephone call can handle 56 Kbps digital. Broadband cable modem used to be 256 Kbps to 768 Kbps. Now they are offering 3 Mbps service to help keep DSL competitors at bay.


-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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We use fiber for this.

by admin In reply to Adding another building o ...

It's not that expensive. Get a quote first- you may end up spending more avoiding it. Quotes are usually free.

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Fiber suppliers

by cymro In reply to We use fiber for this.

Can anybody suggest anybody for fiber?

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