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Adding another wireless router to network

By FaithLove ·
Hi we have a wireless network setup where a Cisco router is being used as the dhcp server.
I want to add another wireless router to this network. How do I program this router so that it will not issue out the default IP addresses of The network is already using a IP of 10.1.1.xx range.I need help in getting this done so there won't be a conflict with the IP addresses please. Thanks

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Set it to use the 10... range then

by seanferd In reply to Adding another wireless r ...

instead of one of the other RFC1**8 blocks.

Should be really straightforward. Two minutes of poking around the GUI or looking up the ios command should have you covered.

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...Or bridge it.

by TobiF In reply to Adding another wireless r ...

If you actually just need another access point, then you can put your new router into "access point" or "bridged" mode

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Bridge Mode

by FaithLove In reply to ...Or bridge it.

Yes I Bridge mode is exactly what I need done. But I never did it before. How do I do this?

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Some wireless routers have an 'Access Point mode'

by robo_dev In reply to Bridge Mode

But if yours does not:

1) Go into the device and assign it a static address within the address range of your current network, such that if your existing router has a DHCP range of to, then assign it an address above this range, such as Set the subnet mask and gateway as well.

2) Within the device, shut off DHCP for the LAN interface. Typically there is a configuration page for the LAN, and a button to 'assign addresses automatically'..uncheck that. You don't need two DHCP servers on the LAN.

3) Plug one of the LAN ports of the new WLAN router into an existing ethernet port. Nothing needs to be plugged into the WAN port.

If you have done the steps correctly, you should be able to get to the web config page of the device from the existing network.

Note that this will be a separate Wireless LAN, so make sure the SSID is not set the same as the existing WLAN router, as mobile wireless LAN devices would not normally roam or transfer successfully between these two different networks. Also, there are settings for the radio channel in use. If the two WLAN routers are within a couple hundred feet of each other, they should be on a non-overlapping radio channel. Typically you set one device to channel 1, and the other one to channel 6 or 11.

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by FaithLove In reply to Some wireless routers hav ...

Thank you so much...It work.

Thank you everyone for all your help.

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