adding computer names to dns

By peejeno ·
hi. i have a question.

ok, so i just bought a vps server that i want to use as a dns server for all my networks.
its running windows server 2003. i have set it up, and have dns forwards setup to OpenDNS. all that works.

but im trying to add computer names to the zones.

i want to map to "BlueServer" so users at a differnt branch office can have mapped drives with the name rather than the ip. branch offices connect via a VPN per computer. but what happens if i try to access "BlueServer" it makes me put a "." after it. (BlueServer.) then it works. the only thing i can find is FQDN. am i doing something wrong?

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Where's WINS?

by BFilmFan In reply to adding computer names to ...

You will need WINS to do NetBIOS name resolution or use a HOST file on each PC.

WINS is easy to enable on Windows 2003.

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so i need WINS?

by peejeno In reply to Where's WINS?

ok, so i need WINS.
i insatlled it, so do i but the ip and host names in a database?

also, on each computer do i have to enter the WINS server address or can it just folow from the dns server? because i noticed in the dns zone properites i can add a WINS forward.

thanks again for all the help! :)

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Are the branch

by Dumphrey In reply to adding computer names to ...

office users using the same DNS serevr as you central site (the new server)? Are both sites in the same subnet? (All 192.168.1.XXX addresses for example.)
Is the VPN connection passing the correct DNS server info to remote users? (This is a common problem, even though the DNS is being passed, a firewall/router is preventing the DNS broadcast traffic from leaving the local subnet).
Do short dns names work on the local network?

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yes, it is.

by peejeno In reply to Are the branch

yes, all locations are on the same subnet. the vpn server is at the main location and the dns server is is running on a vps. all the dns settings are entered in right.
so how does this work?

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Need clarification

by Monice In reply to yes, it is.

Am I understanding that you have site to site VPN and all locations are on the same subnet? Can you ping anything through the VPN by IP? Typically site to site VPNs are configured with each location on a different subnet. ie. location 1, and location 2, etc...

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by peejeno In reply to Need clarification

yes, they are all on differnt subnets, all that works great. i can ping each computer at differnt branchs just fine.
i can also map drives from the differnt locations as well if i use the ip. but if i use a host name it does not.

what i have done so far is to make a host file on each computrer with the right information. but as new servers are added and workstations, id reather have it in a central location on database that updates each computer.

so would i use DNS or WINS?
i thought WINS is old and that DNS is alot newer.

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