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Adding Domain Users to local Admin

By total geek ·

How do I add Domain Users to local admin on Windows XP workstations. Every time I have tried, it says that it can't find the location and yet I am logged on the client as domain admin!
The server is SBS 2003 fresh install.

Look forward to some help on this.

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by CG IT In reply to Adding Domain Users to lo ...

well there is a very small, minor issue. The local machine accounts, which the local administrators account is a part of, are local to the machine, not the domain. Therefore the local administrators account for the machine is not recongnized by the domain as it doesnt exist within the domain.

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by total geek In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to Adding Domain Users to lo ...

well Total Geek I suggest you think this one through. you can reject a suggestion but think before your leap or you'll appear not Total Geek.

Theres 2 ways to log on. The machine [locally], the one your sitting in front of and you choose the machine name from the log on drop down list or the domain and you choose the domain from the drop down list. the 2 accounts are different. Group Policy might make the the local admin accounts name the same as the domain admin account but the passwords can be different and should be different so if someone figures out the local machine admin accounts password, it won't get them into the domain.

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by haileyan In reply to Adding Domain Users to lo ...

Assuming the workstations have been added to the domain...

I will show you how to do it without ever touching the client computer.

1. From the domain server oe any machine that has the admin tools installed and domain admin rights open Active Directory Users and computers.

2. Open up the Computers folder in your active directory structure. You will see a list of all your computers that haqve been added to the domain.

3. Right click on the computer that you want to modify security for and select manage.

3. In the Computer Management Window expand Local Users and Groups.

5. Click on Groups.

6. Open up administrators. This is the local administrators group on the machine you are connected to.

7. Click on Add.

8. Make sure that location is set to your domain name or All Locations.

9. Find Domain Users in the list and add it to the local Administrators Group.

It's that easy.

If you do not see the computer in question listed in the computers section of Active Directory Users and computers the machine has not been added to the domain. To add the computer to the domain go log into it locally as the local admin. Right click on My Computer and select Properties. Go to the computer name tab. Click on the change button, select domain and enter the domain name. You will be promted to provide Domain credentials to add the computer. Use the domain admin ID and password.

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Hi I'm new to here.....

by a.b.c In reply to

Hi , i've been reading your replies ....
the primary reason an XP workstation will not allow a domain admin to add domain users to a local workstation account i.e it wont even recognise the that DNS isnt configured correctly in the domain DHCP scope.. once DNS recognises the workstation within the domain it will find the domain users and allow them to be added to local groups. give it a try , i only found out the hard way when i had no internet connection to be able to ask you guys for assistance. thanks for the tips in the past and keep posting ....

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by jzoppelt In reply to Adding Domain Users to lo ...

On the client machine go to a command prompt
type "net localgroup Administrators your_domain\User_name /add"
use your domain and user info.

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by total geek In reply to Adding Domain Users to lo ...

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