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Adding Ethernet segment to Token ring

By dvrichard ·
We have a 200 node token ring network, using IBM 8229 Bridges & MAU's. We are planning to build a new building in 2 years. The new building will use ethernet.

I would like to create an ethernet segment to add a NAS server and to learn from.

I have looked at a Token Ring Switch (Madge Smart deskswitch) with an ethernet module and at a Blackbox token Ring to Ethernet bridge.

Any preferences?

We do currently have a Cicso 2500 router with a spare ethernet port. The routers primary function is to connect us to the internet and to another network we share data with. We could use this, but are afraid of a performance hit.

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Token Ring to Ethernet

by DukeBytes In reply to Adding Ethernet segment t ...

Use the router to do it. There are a few products out there that will "switch" TR to Enet for you - but they are a PAIN in the butt. There are a lot of issues with the bridging functions between Ethernet and Token Ring. It is really hard to config and get working correctly with briging. Routing is really the best way. It's clean and simple - and doesn't really care and it handles the packet size stuff on the fly.

If you are really worried about the router doing it - setup an Ethernet NIC in one of your servers that has a TR NIC in it already and is not in heavy use all the time, and route it that way. If it is an NT box - just click on IP forwarding. I know - I know - RIP sucks and NT is real chatty doing this - BUT it does work pretty well. You might have to play around with the gateway addresses when you set it up that way - one needs to be blank (Enet NIC) and the other should be set using the normal internal network gateway (TR NIC) - I think - it's been awhile :) Justset up a few machines on the Ethernet segment and play around with it. If you had a 3640 or 4000+ series router - I would say go ahead. But a 2500 might be pushing it - depending on what you are going to push thru it.

In the new Building - makesure that you plan well to get rid of Token Ring - there are some surprises when you do that :) (if you are planning to get rid of it that is)

Good luck,

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Translational Bridging

by MLivingston In reply to Token Ring to Ethernet

I currently have Olicom Switches (now Madge) deployed between Token Ring and Ethernet segments. It was fairly easy to configure - the packet size on the token ring side has to be limited to 4472 to accomodate the Ethernet smaller packet sizes. Theadvantages here are that you can use the same IP addresses on either side.

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